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Welcome to the Chiropractic & Massage Clinic (Ltd) Guernsey

CMC provides effective, efficient and professional treatment for a wide range of common musculoskeletal conditions and injuries in a pleasant and relaxed environment.

Our aim is to enable patients to better understand their own role in the maintenance of good health and the prevention of injury as well as providing appropriate intervention and, if necessary, referral.

The clinic is conveniently located in Bosq Lane, St Peter Port, and parking is available on site.

For any further information, or to make an appointment please call + 44 (0) 1481 723724.  You can also book an appointment using the appointments tab at the top of this page.

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3 weeks ago

Chiropractic + Massage Clinic Ltd

Wow. ...

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3 weeks ago

Chiropractic + Massage Clinic Ltd

Tomorrow our very own Emma Hicks heads off to compete in this years Island Games representing Guernsey in Basketball. Good luck to the whole team, but especially Emma Hicks. You go girl. Lucky No. 7Introducing Co-Captain #7 Emma Hicks #hicksy

Emma is kindly sponsored by Valpys Electrical & Hardware Stores.

Similar to shooting guard Emma Hicks, Valpys have been a great source of service, reliability and value for many years.

Just as Emma works tirelessly to set up her teammates, score baskets and defend, Valpys strives to serve all customers with similar enthusiasm, efficiency and good sportsmanship.

You need an Emma in your team to make it run smoothly, for everything in your house and garden to work seamlessly come to Valpys! Go Greens!! 🏀💚

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1 month ago

Chiropractic + Massage Clinic Ltd


Too many people think that once you have a disc herniation (or disc bulge), that you’ve got it for life 😥

Well, a recent meta-analysis (Zhong et al., 2017) has shown that 2/3 of disc bulges spontaneously heal on their own! Many of them within a few months too. 😱

Conclusion from the paper: “Because the overall incidence of disc de-herniation is now 66.66% according to our results, conservative treatment may become the first choice of treatment for LDH.”

Even though discs sometimes herniate, this does NOT mean they 'slip'.

Jarod Hall has written a great blog on what actually does happen and how to deal with it.

Read it here👇

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